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New Valeant CEO Acknowledges 'Mistakes' In Drug Prices, Forms Oversight Panel

Three days after taking over as CEO, Papa seeks to calm investors by setting up patent access and pricing committee for drugs
13 Not-So-Average Lemonade Recipes

This summer, quench your thirst with these creative and satisfying twists on traditional lemonade
Why Hearing Aids Have Gotten So Cheap

New technologies and tumbling prices are putting hearing aids on more aging ears.
9 New Beauty Trends to Obsess Over

Peep the latest trends from our 2016 TotalBeauty Awards
Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: What to Expect After the Jobs Report

Growth is important, but too much or too little means trouble for the stock market.
Serena Williams Gets an Earful Over Photoshopped Image

Hey, Serena Williams: Keep it real. That's the message from fans who were outraged when the tennis star late last week posted on Instagram a photo of herself that had apparently been Photoshopped to make her waistline slimmer. Williams removed the black and white photo, which features her in a...
History-Making Dancer Now Has Her Own Barbie, Too

Misty Copeland made history last year when she became the American Ballet Theatre's first black female principal dancer . This year, another honor: Mattel has released a Barbie doll in Copeland's likeness, MyNewsLA reports. The doll is part of the Barbie "Sheroes" line, which honors female role models including filmmaker Ava...
Are Subprime Auto Loan Delinquencies a Harbinger of the Next Recession?

With subprime delinquencies on the rise, does this mean another recession is around the corner or should borrowers and lenders simply pay closer attention to rein them in?
Millennial Housing Shut-Out Greatly Exaggerated

But spiking real estate prices and stagnant wages make it tough on first time buyers.
Summer Travel Deals Are Heating Up: How to Land a Great Online Vacation Bargain

Go online to snag the best summer travel deals on airfare, auto rentals and everything else under the sun.
7 safe and reliable cars for your teen driver

Teens don't need cool rides. They're more likely to return home safely in one of these cars.
If you're bummed about your income, join the crowd

Impatience with income has led to awavering sense offinancial security in the U.S.
Ray Dalio Report: The Economic Machine and Where We Are Now

See why hedge fund manager Ray Dalio thinks he's figured out business cycles and why the simplest answer might not always be the best one.
VFIFX: Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Fund Performance Case Study

Learn about Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Fund including an overview, performance analysis and breakdown of fund price trends over the past five years.
How Prince Could Have Kept Such a Secret

Prince's final days are coming into sharper focus, and it now appears the singer had developed an addiction to pain pills so serious that he was set to meet with an addiction specialist when he died. The New York Times delves into the question of how Princewho had a...
The Current Probability of President Donald Trump

The success of Donald Trump's outsider candidacy has shaken the Republican party to its core.
Body in 'Cement Shoes' Identified Thanks to Tattoo

Peter Martinez "owed a lot of money," his girlfriend saysand he evidently owed it to some very dangerous people. The 28-year-old ex-con from Brooklyn has been identified as the dead man who washed ashore in the borough on Monday with his hands tied behind his back and his feet...
Veteran with military pension looks for tax relief

The IRS has a form that can help you adjust tax withholding from pension income.
Here's how long you should keep these old tax records

Follow thischecklist from the IRS of which tax records you need to keep -- and for how long.
Why I Eat Gluten Free

Russ Crandall struggled for years with side effects from a serious condition. Then he began a healthy eating journey, including switching to a gluten free diet. Watch how he revamped his diet and regained his life in this moving video.
HELOC vs. reverse mortgage line of credit?

HELOCs and reverse mortgages have pros and cons. Which one is better for protecting assets?
11 Fitness Foods to Help You Get in Shape Faster

The right foods can help you build muscle, improve endurance, and speed recovery.
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Petsitter Now Wants Up to $1M for Negative Yelp Review
The petsitting company suing a Texas couple over their negative Yelp review now wants even more money from the couple. As Consumerist reports, Prestigious Pets' original lawsuit, which sought less than $7,000, was quickly dropped—only to be replaced with this new suit, which seeks between $200,000 and... More >
Latest News
How Prince Could Have Kept Such a Secret
Prince's final days are coming into sharper focus, and it now appears the singer had developed an addiction to pain pills so serious that he was set to meet with an addiction specialist when he died. The New York Times delves into the question of how Prince—who had a... More >
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