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You Can Reap Plenty of 'Green' as the Eco-Cops Make Aviation the Next Environmental Villain

Global regulators this week slapped a heavy burden on the aviation industry, which will prove a boon for this giant manufacturer of eco-friendly jet engines.
20 Jaw-Droppingly Cool Lip Art Looks That You Have to See to Believe

Whether it's a glow-in-the-dark creation or a glass-covered design, these lip art looks are sure to wow you
This Valentine’s Day, 25% Of Spouses Won’t Know Their Partner’s Credit Score

Don't surprise a spouse or partner with a low credit score - make honesty the best policy.
7 Wedding Hairstyles, Makeup Looks and Manicure Ideas You'll Love

Even if you're not getting married, this bridal eye candy is worth a peek
Stressed Out: Why Tidewater and Ultra Petroleum Won't Survive the Energy Meltdown

The energy patch has lots of troubled stocks, but these two are among the weakest in the sector. Here's why you should shun them.
Inarritu's DGA Win Further Muddies Oscar Race

An unclear cinematic season got a little foggier on Saturday with Alejandro Inarritu's Directors Guild win for his harrowing frontier epic The Revenant. With only weeks to go before the Academy Awards on Feb. 28, the race is still wide open, reports the AP . Even the guilds are divided in...
Larry David Meets 'Bernie Sanderswitzski'

Bernie Sanders came face to face with Larry David on Saturday Night Live, the latest presidential candidate to meet up with the actor who plays him or her on the show. "Bernie Sanderswitzski" found himself aboard a sinking ship as David's 1-percenter character tried to weasel his way onto a...
New Department of Education Unit Set to Scrutinize Fraudulent Colleges

FTC honcho heads Student Aid Enforcement unit while student loan write-offs are a likely cause for concern at ED.
The University of Phoenix Gets a New Act And Takes Itself Private

Harried by falling revenue and federal investigations, a former deputy secretary of education takes over.
Why Are So Many Families Hurting In This Recovery?

Why soaring enrollments in financial remediation classes may be good news about the economy.
How do I pay my $80,000 credit card bill?

A new mortgage to pay off crushing debts may not be in your interest.
10 tips for managing credit cards in 2016

Credit cards can lead to a debt curse. Using them wisely can yield many benefits.
Super Savings for Your Super Bowl Party? Bet on It

Prices for wings, avocados and TVs are all coming down, which will make your Super Bowl 50 festivities less costly.
Retiring in Thailand: The Pros & Cons

It's a lovely land, but before relocating, get the skinny on this Southeast Asian kingdom.
Beyonce Spent Super Bowl Weekend in Airbnb Rental

Looks like Airbnb might be headed for the Beyonce Bump . On Monday, she posted a photo of herself relaxing on a couch to Facebook with the note, "It was a Super weekend," in which she tagged Airbnb. As TMZ reports, Bey used the rental service to get a place in...
5 Must-Have Metrics For Value Investors

Focusing on certain fundamental metrics is the best way for value investors to cash in gains. Here are the most important metrics to know.
Man Believed to Be First Ever Killed by Meteorite

There's the slim chance of being hit by lightning, and then there's the almost nonexistent chance of being hit by a meteorite. A man in India, however, was apparently killed by the latter, which would likely make him the first person recorded killed by an object that fell from outer...
How to Run a 5K

Try this beginner run-walk plan which helps you build to 30 minutes of continuous running.
You, too, can save like a Brazilian billionaire

Learn how Carlos Wizard Martins made his fortune -- and how he got that middle name.
If you sell the house yourself, do you owe agent a commission?

What happens when an owner sells a house before the agent's contract goes into effect?
11 Fitness Foods to Help You Get in Shape Faster

The right foods can help you build muscle, improve endurance, and speed recovery.
You could be single because you went to college

You may not have realized the reason why you are single, but it could be because of your college education.
10 Myths About Vegetarian Diets, Busted

Before you write off a meatless diet, learn the truth about these common vegetarian myths
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Soldier Buried in Avalanche Found Alive 5 Days Later
On Wednesday, an avalanche hit an Indian army base in Kashmir, burying 10 soldiers under 30 feet of ice and snow, the Wall Street Journal reports. Five days later, one soldier was miraculously found alive. The base—nearly 20,000 feet above sea level—was struck after a 320,000-square-foot... More >
Latest News
Flint Bypasses Governor, Will Drop $55M on New Pipes
Less than two weeks ago, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said replacing Flint's lead-coated pipes in the city's water distribution system wasn't on his "short-term agenda" and that coating the pipes with phosphates might serve as a stopgap. But it looks like Flint is moving on with or without him: On... More >
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